Town Ponds Restoration

The Town of Red River in partnership with the Red River Ski & Summer Area is undertaking a restoration project at the Red River City Pond (large east pond) this summer. The pond is provided by the Red River Ski & Summer Area and is supported by the Town of Red River for fishing in the summer time. Construction for this project will continue through the summer and take approximately 3 months from the start. The project will include bank stabilization on all sides of the pond, a sidewalk with railing on the north side of the pond (street side). The town has spoken to the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish about the project and they will divert the fish to other areas so that we don’t lose fish allocated to Red River. The restricted children’s pond will open when permitted by construction.

Just a reminder to the sport fishermen out there, the Town of Red River has completed three restoration projects on the Red River since 2006. The most recent project, the Town Park Reach in Tony Woerndle Memorial Park, was completed November 2016.  So there is plenty of fishing areas for all.

Other nearby fishing areas include; Fawn Lakes NFS, about 3 miles west, and Eagle Rock Lake about 8 miles west, Cabresto Lake, Goose Lake, Middle Fork Lake and the Rio Grande. Be sure to stop by the Red River Visitor’s Center and ask about fishing around Red River and for updates on this project.

Always remember to be respectful of private property around your fishing areas. Now go catch a big one!